Continuing on from the previous episode, here I discuss some more advanced topics in Quantum Mechanics, including Noether’s theorem, the particle stat...View Details

An examination of some more advanced concepts of quantum mechanics, focusing on describing Dirac's bra-ket formulation of quantum theory. I discuss th...View Details

A discussion of the evidence and methodological issues pertaining to explaining the causes of racial differences in intelligence, with a focus on eval...View Details

Continuing the series on intelligence, in this episode I discuss the genetic and neurological correlated of intelligences, the efficacy of measures to...View Details

The first in a three part series on human intelligence, covering debates about the definition of intelligence, how intelligence is measured, factor an...View Details

A concise introduction to key concepts of statistics, explained in as clear a manner as possible. Includes a discussion of key concepts of probability...View Details

Episode 78: Hearing

An explanation of the process of human hearing, covering the structure and function of the outer, middle, and inner ears, with a focus on explaining h...View Details

An introduction to the physics of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus, with a focus on explaining the different modes of radioactivity, alpha, ...View Details

An introduction to the economic concepts of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and unemployment, including a discussion of how these concepts are defined, h...View Details

An overview of the processes involved in the generation of energy in cells, including a discussion of the role of ATP in energy storage, glycolysis, t...View Details

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