In this third part of the series on economic growth, I discuss the process of structural change as economies progress from underdeveloped to developed...View Details

In the second part of our series on economic growth and development, I provide a brief history of the world economy, beginning with the key features o...View Details

In this the first in an eight-part series covering the causes of economic growth and development, I provide an introduction to the key concepts of abs...View Details

Continuing the discussion of photosynthesis from the previous episode, here I outline the importance of the oxygen evolving complex in oxidising water...View Details

An overview of photosynthesis, including the structure of chloroplasts, phototransduction of energy by chlorophyll, the macromolecular complexes of th...View Details

A special episode in which I discuss some of the ideas and principles behind the production of the show, sources I use for episodes, and my motivation...View Details

In this special celebratory 100th episode, I discuss six major unsolved problems in science: the P vs NP problem in computer science, the mystery of d...View Details

A discussion of the method of reproduction of flowering plants, including an overview of the structure and function of the different components of the...View Details

An overview of the nature and properties of electromagnetic radiation, including a discussion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the nature of photons, ...View Details

An overview of the basic morphology and physiology of plants, including a discussion of the main types of plants, stems, roots, leaves, plant transpor...View Details

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