I introduce the unique and diverse chemistry of the transition metal elements, also known as the d-block metals. I begin with an overview of transitio...View Details

Concluding our series on geographic landforms, here I discuss glaciers, including their global distribution, formation, movement, and various glacial ...View Details

A discussion of the effect of wind on landscapes, focusing on deserts and coastlines. I outline the processes of eolian erosion, transportation, and d...View Details

The first in a new series on geomorphology, in which I review the main erosion processes that shape landforms of the natural environment. Here I discu...View Details

An exploration of the role of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the development of depression. I discuss the role of serotonin in promoting the produc...View Details

In this special episode I discuss genetic testing with Kira Dineen from DNA Today. We cover a range of topics including the process and science behind...View Details

Episode 125: Earthquakes

A discussion of earthquakes, covering the elastic rebound theory of earthquake generation, the phenomena of deep and intraplate earthquakes, types of ...View Details

Episode 124: Volcanoes

A discussion of the awesome power of volcanoes, including an overview of the different types of volcanoes, types of lava and pyroclastics, mechanisms ...View Details

Concluding the two-part series on the circulatory and respiratory systems, I discuss the biochemical mechanisms by which red blood cells and hemoglobi...View Details

An overview of the basic concepts of linear momentum, angular momentum, work and energy. Includes a discussion of the conservation of momentum, why th...View Details

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