An analysis of corporate conspiracy theories, including the alleged suppression of the cure for cancer and sabotage of the electric car. Using economi...View Details

An overview of the underlying mechanisms of pain, including the role of nociception, transduction of nociceptor signals by spinal pathways, the modula...View Details

Building on the previous discussion of Hartree-Fock Theory, I discuss the inclusion of basis functions to produce the Roothaan equations, and the meth...View Details

An overview of techniques of determining molecular structure, including an introduction to valance bond theory covering bond formation and orbital hyb...View Details

A discussion of cell communication and signalling, including an overview of the purpose of cell signalling, the main types of signals, and application...View Details

A discussion of the transportation and sorting of proteins within the eukaryotic cell, including an overview of the endomembrane system, the mechanism...View Details

An introduction to the cell membrane, including a discussion of the structure of the bilipid membrane, an overview of the structure and function of me...View Details

In the second and final part of this series, I discuss the major consequences of special relativity, including the relativity of simultaneity, time di...View Details

The first of a two part series on special relativity, I provide a brief overview of the historical development of relativity theory, including a discu...View Details

I discuss the methods and results of my Master's Thesis, in which I analysed electrophysiological data of the mouse visual system using a variety of s...View Details

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