Episode 40: Gun Control

A science-based discussion of the issue of gun control in the United States. After reviewing some basic statistics about crime and gun ownership, I examine the empirical evidence concerning the relationship between gun ownership and violent crime, highlighting the many difficulties associated with such studies and the limitations of this literature. I then discuss some more specific aspects of the gun control debate, including the question of who commits most violent crimes, how deadly guns are compared to other weapons, and how criminals acquire guns. I conclude with a discussion of the evidence for and against various types of gun control measures, and some thoughts on contemporary US gun culture and its impact on gun policy.


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  • Victor Fodor

    An excellent, very informative and extensively researched podcast on a very important topic, especially given the recent tragic events in Connecticut in the US. A podcast with a real desire to uncover the evidence, the truth and the facts, as far as possible, and share them unbiasly. Very very enlightening listening. Thank you very much for sharing your extensive research, findings and conclusions and summary.

    Dec 19, 2012 at 11:03 am
  • Victor Fodor

    A very detailed, well researched, totally unbiased and completely factual podcast on the topics of ‘Guns in America’ and ‘Gun Control in America’.

    The podcast was prepared by my son, James, in light of the recent tragic events in Connecticut, US.

    Very informative and enlightening listening.

    I wish that President Obama could listen to this podcast.

    Dec 19, 2012 at 11:18 am
  • Victor Fodor

    A very detailed, well researched, completely unbiased and totally factual Podcast on the very important issues of ‘Guns in America’ and ‘Gun Control in America’.

    The Podcast was prepared by my son, in light of the recent tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, US, with the view of finding out the fact from the fiction.

    Highly informative, very enlightening and totally unbiased listening.

    I wish that President Obama, the US Congress and interested US Lobby Groups could listen to this highly informative Podcast.

    My son’s Podcast concludes with several novel, practical, affordable, enforceable and enactable ideas to enable gun ownership to be more effectively and appropriately regulated in America and therefore for America to be a safer place to live for all Americans.

    My son’s suggestions take into consideration the crucial need for a completely bipartisan approach, by both major Political Parties and major interested Lobby Groups, while at the same time protecting the Constitutional Rights of all Americans.

    [My son has a Master’s Degree in Arts, Economics, from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in which he partly majored in Statistical Analysis.]

    Dec 20, 2012 at 5:47 am